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How Do You Clean Solar Panels?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels turn sunlight into clean solar electricity when it strikes them. Solar power is frequently linked with sunny climates like here in San Luis Obispo County, since more sunlight equals more electricity. This is simply one component of the situation, though. We offer premium solar panel cleaning services in all of San Luis Obispo County.

Maximizing the amount of sunlight that reaches the solar panels is the objective. This is taken into account while positioning and orienting PV modules by qualified installers. But keeping the panels clean of dust, leaves, snow, and other debris is also necessary for maximizing sun collection.

We believe that when performed correctly and at the recommended frequency, solar panel cleaning can:

  • Maximize the power output of a PV system
  • Increase in owner savings on utility costs
  • Provide meaningful carbon reductions

Additionally, if your PV system uses string inverters rather than micro-inverters, this cleaning is extremely crucial.
Both are in charge of transforming solar electricity from your home or place of business into alternating current (AC).

Similar to traditional Christmas tree lights strung in series, performance drops in one panel can have a significant impact on the other panels in the system when using string inverters.

In order to isolate performance decreases in a single solar module to that module’s individual panel, micro-inverters convert DC to AC at the panel level.

When should solar panels to be cleaned?

A decline in system performance is the most evident sign that your panels require cleaning. It’s normal for the production of solar energy to fluctuate. However, unexpected and prolonged drops in output are a warning sign of a problem.

Since cleaning PV panels is the simplest and least expensive of all troubleshooting steps, many customers start there first.
You might need to spend money on solar panel maintenance to bring modules back to their prior levels of production if more serious action is required.

Depending on the local climate, several businesses and homeowners plan frequent cleanings throughout the year: Cleaning solar panels is frequently done at the end of the fall when the leaves have stopped falling. It is ultimately up to you to decide which frequency to use for your personal solar panels.

But cleaning your modules could help improve performance if you’re not seeing the utility bill savings you were hoping for.
This is particularly true if you reside in an area with a lot of pollen, dust, pollution, or greenery.

Bird droppings don’t readily wash off with rain, thus cleaning solar panels can be necessary. The same holds true for horizontally placed PV modules. Flatter solar panels typically accumulate more dust and need to be washed more frequently.

Furthermore, as the number of panels increases, so will the cleaning requirements. Mega solar farms must clean their modules on a regular basis because even minor performance dips can result in massive losses when multiplied across thousands of panels.

You will not be required to adhere to this schedule as a residential or commercial solar customer.
However, it is critical that you understand the potential benefits of washing your panels on a regular basis.

As Dutch Window Cleaning Artist, we take pride in our ability in cleaning solar panels in all of San Luis Obispo County. Give us a call, and you can get a free quote!