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As a homeowner, you would like to ensure that your beloved patio is always presentable. However, with constant traffic on it and the ever damaging effects weather can have on a patio, it is easy to notice your beautiful haven transform into a cluttered shambles.

But how can you keep your paving lovely? A soft wash cleaning service is likely just what you need too maintain a free and clear space. With the help of soft wash cleaning in San Luis Obispo from Dutch Window Cleaning Artist in, all it takes is a few minutes of your time to be able to give your patio the tender love it deserves. All you’ll have left to do after our experts complete their work is step outside into clean, stress-free pavement – just look at that!

The Difference Between Soft Wash and Pressure Washing

Soft washing is a more natural, less toxic solution to prevent or reduce hard water spots and mineral deposits. Both pressure washing and a soft wash can be equally effective. It is a matter of preference on which you would like to use. Pressure washing’s purpose is to remove dirt that has been ground onto a surface. Soft washing instead cleans while going with the topography of a surface such as a set of patio stones.

The number of steps and processes involved in each is different. First, with “soft wash,” the use of chemicals and warm water only is the key point of the process. It is not just a simple mop and water wash, but a process of detergent and water is sprayed gently on surfaces more thoroughly. Then, it still uses water, but much less pressure is used to wash the surfaces, which makes it a lot safer for using on gentler surfaces.

  • Soft washing is more effective, generally it will take 4-6 times the number of soft strokes compared to the same psi pressure would have taken the same data and the water usage is much less than compared to pressure.
  • Saves energy and money Saves abrasive substances/chemicals in washing water.
  • Soft wash is a more environmentally responsible option for cleaning.

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