Dutch Window Cleaning Artist Soft Wash vs Pressure Washing

Soft Wash vs Pressure Washing

Keeping our homes exceptionally clean is essential. Clean house and apartments do not only keep our living areas attractive but also eliminates harmful mold, fungus, dirt, mildew, and grime. When was the last time you hired a professional cleaner?

Between pressure washing and soft washing; which is best? And when should you consider one over other? Well, read our article to get some insight.

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Difference between Soft Wash and Pressure Washing

Both soft washing and pressure washing are a perfect ways to give your home that refurbished look. The only difference showcased by the two washing methods is the way they are performed.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing uses water that is under high pressure to forcefully remove dirt or grime from the surface of the material getting washed. Pressure washing can get referred to as power washing.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is another washing method that uses special nozzles that get fixed at the end of a pressure washing wand which serves to reduce the water pressure. Typically, the water pressure that comes out during soft washing resembles that of a garden hose. The main reason why moderate pressure gets used in this method, unlike in pressure washing is the fact that it's not water that clean the material surface. Usually, water used in soft cleaning gets mixed with a biodegradable cleaning agent.

The agent helps in killing of algae, moss, and mold present, as well as any other biological elements on the surface. The chemical in the water also removes stains such as dirt, and pollen without damaging or causing any adverse effect on the material surface. During the soft washing process, after application of the washing solution, we leave it to sit for several minutes for adsorption. By doing tthis, the solution penetrates the pores in the wall, and cracks of the surface. This ensures that when actual cleaning begins, deep cleaning takes place correctly.

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Soft wash or pressure wash?

Generally speaking, the type of washing method you decide to use depends on the surface and the application. The extent of cleaning needed also has a significant effect on the kind of cleaning method you will have to use. In simple terms, soft washing is more reliable and effective compared to pressure washing, and any person should consider this method as the top choice.

Pressure Washing

Advantages of Soft Washing

More desirable

Soft washing is more beneficial since the low pressure ensures that no damage can occur on the material cleaned.

Water Economical

Soft washing is water economical. Since water is not the cleaning agent in this process, less water amount is used.

The method is eco-friendly

The cleaning materials used in soft washing is biodegradable. This means the cleaning process has no effects on humans and the environment.

Less costly

Customers who decide to use soft washing instead of painting can save thousands of dollars.

Disadvantages of Soft Washing

Soft washing has no disadvantages. Unlike painting a house you get to enjoy fresh air in your home after the cleaning process.

Pros of Pressure washing

Even though the benefits of soft wash outweigh pressure washing, we can't dispute some of the advantages that come with pressure cleaning

  • No limitations: The only advantage to use pressure washing is the fact that there are no limitations on materials to clean. This method can be used on as much exterior material surfaces as possible.

Cons of Pressure washing

  • Can cause injuries:The power washer is quite strong, which result from exalted pressure. This can easily cause injuries to the user.

Areas to get soft washing services

The best places you can get soft washing services include; Slo County, Arroyo Grande, Cambria, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, and other areas. These are the areas where our company offer soft wash cleaning service where we have served hundreds of customers. For this reason, our reputation precedes us, and we are highly ranked in Google search results owing to our wide area of coverage and the quality of our services.

We take pride in years of expertise and hence, our services surpass our clients’ expectations. We continue to receive honor and appreciation from customers, and call us today to get your FREE Quote!

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