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Cleaning your windows, or having your windows cleaned, on a seasonal or semi-annual schedule, is one of the easiest ways of keeping your windows clean, and last longer while making sure your home looks its best.

Summer is typically the best season to clean windows depending on where you live because the weather is more likely to be on your side. Regardless of what type windows your house has, whether you clean them yourself or hire window cleaning professionals, we would like to share crucial information on keeping your windows clean, sparkling, and strong.

When is the best time to have my windows cleaned?

You should schedule window cleanings at various times of the year, depending on where you live and how quickly your windows get dirty.

Generally speaking, cleaning any window screens should be done at least once when washing windows, which should be done at least once or twice a year in addition to as needed.

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On hot days or when the sun is directly overhead, window cleaning professionals advise avoiding washing windows since the heat may cause the glass to dry too quickly and produce streaks.

Make sure you follow the guidelines about water usage. In Central Coast California, we are experiencing water shortages, and there are limits on how much water one can use. That is why we bring our own water to clean your windows and house.

Cleaning windows on an overcast day without inclement weather is advisable for the cleanest finish and extended drying time.

Got too much pollution? More frequent cleaning needed.

If your live in an area where your house gets frequently exposed to pollen, air pollution, debris, or dust, you may want to think about putting a more serious plan in place to keep your windows clean. When there is dirt build-up, it’s not only harder to clean them, but there is a potential for glass damage.

Be assured that if you wash your windows during a rainy season, evaporating raindrops won’t leave any stains; instead, they’ll just give your house the appearance of having been power washed. Rainfall can leave stains on dirty windows, so if you do, rest assured.

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Spring isn’t the only time of year for cleaning.

Despite the fact that spring has a reputation for being a season when you might be prompted to clean in general, you may clean your windows at any time of year if you have the right tools, or hire the right professionals.

In contrast to the hot, direct summer heat or the freezing winter, which can be painful on the hands and result in frosted windows, the best times to clean windows are during the moderate temperatures.